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Tucker Carlson

Tucker to sanctuary city mayor Don't you believe in laws

Tucker Carlson

Tucker vs Immigration Attorney on Chicago's Plan to Offer ID Cards to Undocumented Immigrants

Tucker Carlson

Is Chicago guilty of legalized illegal voting

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Nation's immigration laws are breaking down

Tucker Carlson

Tucker CityKey Rahm's plan to stay in power

Tucker Carlson

Illegals, Chicago and 'loathsome little demagogues'

The Ingram Angle

New California policy Illegal immigrants voting

Tacker Carlson

Tucker Why didn't we know truth about illegals and crime

FOX News Analysis of Election Hacking

Watch the following video of a recent Fox News report to see how surprisingly easy it is for electronic voting machines to be hacked. This is just one reason why volunteer Poll Watchers are so vitally needed in the 2016 election, especially in battleground states:

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