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President Donald Trump has estimated that between 3 and 5 million unlawful votes were cast in the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton - a figure that might actually be too low!

Poll Watchers - a registered and recognized 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity devoted to educating the public, is launching a nationwide campaign to Stop Vote Fraud in America and the help of patriotic citizens just like you is needed.

Please contribute as much as you can today to help ensure the integrity of the ballot box and restore the principle of "One citizen, one vote." Together we will Stop Vote Fraud in America!

Poll Watchers will use the funds contributed to this effort to educate and illuminate the serious, widespread and dangerous problem of vote fraud and how to solve it.

For example, 2 million aliens admitted in the National Hispanic Survey that they are registered to vote in US federal elections - which is a felony!1 Hillary Clinton "won" the 2016 popular vote by 2.8 million votes.

In a recent tally, 30 states agreed to comply and 20 others resisted. When Colorado agreed to comply with the Commission's request, 3,500 people automatically canceled their voter registration in that state.

Organizations such as the ACLU are suing the Trump administration to prevent the release of public voter records which are the property of the federal government.  We are going to beat cliques like the ACLU at their own game.

Poll Watchers is fighting back against the globalists who are undermining our elections through mass nationwide vote fraud. We are doing what it takes up to and including litigating against sanctuary states and cities that are protecting foreign nationals who are trying to steal America's destiny out from under us!

We will put your money to good use and you can rest assured that this is a very good cause.

Please donate to Poll Watchers so we can Work to Stop Vote Fraud in America!


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