Campaign Description Date
Smartmatic Voting Machines Have Delivered Venezuela to Soros Translated Spanish documents recently discovered prove that Soros-controlled Smartmatic Voting Machine Company has successfully been used to steal governments! April 25, 2018
Amateur Hackers Broke Into ALL Current US Voting Machines A bunch of amateur hackers invited to DEFCON symposium in New York to hack into US voting machines in 2017 succeeded – IN EVERY CASE astonishing vote experts April 23, 2018
America is under continued attack by George Soros. April 23, 2018
Destroy George Soros' Power With the Paper Act - Guaranteed House Select Committee on Intelligence now considering HR 3751 Protecting American Process for Election Results Act that will destroy George Soros Family Power April 20, 2018
Congressman Messer's HR 2090 Bill Will Prevent Vote Fraud IRC §501(c)(3) recognized Poll Watchers believes that Congressman Messer's HR 2090 Will Help Prevent Vote Fraud by requiring all voters to present picture ID. April 16, 2018