Justice for All in Poll Watching
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FOX News Explains Vote Fraud.
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The singular purpose of Poll Watchers is to work to ensure that only United States citizens actually vote in our federal elections.

We cannot let globalists, crooked political operators, foreign powers, malicious hackers or anyone else steal the 2018 election using non-citizen voters as the tool!

America is in grave danger if these groups succeed!

The traditional concept of “poll watcher” is a citizen who simply comes into a polling booth and observes the folks castig ballots. 

The poll watcher looks for sneaky movements, perhaps hidden ballots or stuffing of the ballot boxes.

But that is not the main problem today.  Today, institutional vote fraud is the name of the game.

Plus, in today’s voting environment that includes:

  • electronic voting;
  • motor-voter registration schemes;
  • almost universal absentee balloting;
  • little requirement of production of government-issued ID cards; and
  • partisanship running at historically high levels in which the objective of the party has become more important than the future of the country;

so much institutional fraudulent activity escapes the casual observation of a poll watcher that fairness is lost.

Nevertheless, local Poll Watchers are still a hugely necessary part of the process; so, if you are interested in being a volunteer poll watcher in your local jurisdiction, get involved! Our Resources page contains up-to-date guidelines and statutes for 47 states where Poll Watchers are needed. Since laws and regulations for poll watching vary from state-to-state, you must know the rules for your area! Click HERE to go to the Poll Watchers Resources page.

With the increased use of electronic voting machines, concerns have grown that local and state elections can be “hacked,” placing the outcome of the 2018 midterms in doubt. Watch the the above video of a Fox News report to see how surprisingly easy it is for electronic voting machines to be hacked. This is just one reason why volunteer Poll Watchers are so vitally needed in the 2018 election, especially in battleground states:

No matter which political party you support personally, it is our belief that every American should be concerned with the integrity of our election process. Get involved!

If you would like to make a financial contribution to support our efforts, click HERE to go to the Poll Watchers Donate page.